MUN Academy is a Rome-based Association that delivers high-quality trainings to undergraduate and graduate students as well as young professionals. MUN Academy is open to all people from everywhere in the world and would like to provide support to those who wish to create a local chapter in their university or country.


MUN Academy focuses on youth involvement in local, regional and international organizations. With this in mind, our projects and activities aim at providing our members and participants with the occasions to present their views, points and proposals in relevant arenas. Thanks to this, MUN Academy is developing a strategic collaboration with the Civil Society Mechanism of the Committee on World Food Security. Read more...

MUN Academy offers a broad range of trainings and courses on international organizations and dynamics of the international community. MUN Academy recognises the importance of delivering high-quality, tailored and updated education to undergraduate, graduate and young professionals in their respective areas of competences. MUN Academy underlines the role of merit, commitment and creativity for healthier societies.

MUN Academy is composed of young professionals and graduates; its membership is open to individuals and associations sharing our values and mission. MUN Academy is also open to networks and aims at creating a better environment for students societies to thrive in their respective contexts, in full respect of their autonomy and identity, with the firm belief that diversity is a value for all members of society, if mutually shared.


Riccardo Mazzucchelli
President of MUN Academy

MUN Academy is a non-profit training organization and Italy’s first Model United Nations (MUN) network. It primarily organises and supports international youth events, including Model United Nations (MUN), institutional simulations and training seminars, while standing as a coordination and quality assessment forum for international youth event’s organizers. MUN Academy applies the highest standards and seek professional solutions to international youth conferences management and applied training thanks to more than a decade of experience. It is no coincidence that international applicants perceive Italian Model United Nations in general as a good gym for first-timers. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with this perception, it underlines that Italian Model United Nations have lacked the necessary continuity to build on their single expertise. MUN Academy proposes Italian students and student societies the chance to excel, thrive and expand while differentiating the offer in the international youth conferences market to attract also average and experienced participants, who currently prefer Northern European simulations.


MUN Academy would also serve as gateway to reach out greater realities with a stronger voice, being the Italian network of MUN Societies. In this sense, MUN Academy would also become the Italian hub of Model United Nations Societies and other student bodies interested in international affairs. MUN Academy would like to initiate and maintain a lively dialogue with its members to coordinate strategies, develop common policies and create best practices that benefit all the members of such a network, should they decide to join.

Recognition to merit is generally lacking in international youth conferences: MUN academy would like to promote those future participants who express extraordinary skills and abilities during the preparatory work, the debates and in drafting, giving them the chance through its network and allow them to have access to better positions in other conferences around Europe and in the worldMany young Italians do not get chances to research and debate on international issues or to get international exposure by interacting with people from different countries and cultures or participating to international conferences, unless they leave the country, for long or short periods of time. We would like to give them the opportunity to revert this trend in a contest of promoting Italy’s local excellence. Another problem lies in the poor understanding of the core mission, agenda and functioning of public and international institutions, which too often are superficially simulated in international youth conferences.

Moreover, Italy’s academic programmes do not foresee many opportunities to put into practice what university manuals teach: MUN Academy would like to allow a large number of students to go beyond the limits of book theories and develop the necessary skills to succeed also in their professional life by applying soft skills such as mastering negotiation techniques and public speaking.

Last but not least, MUN Academy brings you to the United Nations! Rome hosts many UN agencies and offices: FAO, WFP, IFAD just to quote some. MUN Academy has already participated as observer to real sessions of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), hosted by FAO. MUN Academy members and participants to its simulations, trainings and course have the unique opportunity of joining the MUN Academy delegation attending these sessions, as well as many other international events happening in the eternal city. This is what MUN Academy is already doing.

About us

MUN Academy is a non-profit training organization and Italy’s first Model United Nations (MUN) network. It primarily organizes and supports international youth events, including Model United Nations (MUN), institutional simulations and training seminars, while standing as a coordination and quality assessment forum for international youth event’s organizers.


MUN Academy delivers high-quality applied training, civic education and career guidance to younger generations, while organizing and supporting international youth events, in the context of a policy of promotion of local territories.


MUN Academy wishes to become Italy’s primary network for international youth conferences and the Italian point of reference in the field of the youth applied training.


The Charter of the United Nations is the source of MUN Academy principal values, while we also attach great importance to local and regional values.

MUN Academy believes primarily in the co-operation of peoples and nations to achieve international peace and security; we believe in civic responsibility, for which every citizen is a repository of rights and duties; we believe in the ethics of the service, which is the basis of all civil commitment; we believe in the promotion of the territorial excellence of our country and in the value of its priceless resources.

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