The First italian academy for youth involvement in national and international organizations

Main activities and projects

FAO Model

This is the one and only simulation of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Started in September 2015, FAO Model is a unique gateway to understanding how the Organization works and interacts with the world.

Eternal MUN

The latest Model UN of Rome, with limited positions available, only for advanced MUN participants who feel ready to debate at the highest level. Join the debate and push your limits to what you can achieve, with limited time and mounting opposition.


MUN Academy runs an Open Working Group on Youth for Food Security and Nutrition. In other words, it is part of the Youth Constituency of the Civil Society Mechanism, a coordination of worldwide NGOs and Social Movements engaged in UN negotiations on Food Security and Nutrition (FSN). Join us!

Professional Courses

MUN Academy also offers courses to develop your language and professional skills. Moreover, many courses discuss and present views, aspects and other features of current international issues that will allow you to broaden your view of international relations. Come and learn more about them.

FAO Model 2015 was awarded with the Medal of the President of the Republic of Italy. MUN Academy is very proud of this achievement and is actively working for another amazing edition in 2016.

About MUN Academy

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Passion drives every individual to great achievements. We share our passions to greater goals.

MUN Academy is a non-profit training organization and Italy’s first Model United Nations (MUN) network. It primarily organizes and supports international youth events, including Model United Nations (MUN), institutional simulations and training seminars, while standing as a coordination and quality assessment forum for international youth event’s organizers. MUN Academy delivers high-quality applied training, civic education and career guidance to younger generations, while organizing and supporting international youth events, in the context of a policy of promotion of local territories. MUN Academy wishes to become Italy’s primary network for international youth conferences and the Italian point of reference in the field of the youth applied training. The Charter of the United Nations is the source of MUN Academy principal values, while we also attach great importance to local and regional values. MUN Academy believes primarily in the co-operation of peoples and nations to achieve international peace and security; we believe in civic responsibility, for which every citizen is a repository of rights and duties; we believe in the ethics of the service, which is the basis of all civil commitment; we believe in the promotion of the territorial excellence of our country and in the value of its priceless resources.


These are the people who created MUN Academy
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Riccardo Mazzucchelli

Graduate from Bocconi and former FAO Consultant, he also obtained a master’s degree in European Studies, at LUISS, Rome, and a second one in Euro-Mediterranean Relations at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, which he concluded in Lebanon, focusing on Arab political systems.
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Mirko Montuori

President Emeritus
Mirko is a cum laude graduate in International Relations at the Catholic University of Milan and holder of a Master in Diplomacy at ISPI.
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Gavina Masala

Director for Communications
Born is Sardinia, Gavina got a Degree in Diplomacy at the University of Bologna and a Masters in Marketing and Communication in Milan. She has worked in Milan, Paris, New York, Brussels and Rome in the field of Communications and Public Relations.
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Giovanni Ragone

Giovanni holds a Masters Degree with honours in Public Management at the University of Salerno. In February 2012 he also founded the UNISA MUN Society and from the beginning he served the association as Vice-President, being involved in fund-raising and marketing.

Coordinators and Team Members

These are the people supporting us in delivering amazing results every day!

Next October, do not miss the opportunity to take part to the only Model UN in Southern Italy. You will have the chance to meet amazing people from all over the world in one of the world's greatest setting: the Amalfi coast.

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